About Us

Sanfield (India) Limited is the exclusive designers, manufacturers and installers of a wide range of HIGH PERFORMANCE, SPECIALIZED CONSTRUCTION RELATED PRODUCTS, manufactured in Technical collaboration with various world renowned Companies.

Sanfield (India) Limited with the assistance of its parent Companies and backed by the vast experience and expertise of various leading Companies of the world provides a single source responsibility from design, manufacturing, testing, material supply, installation and after sales services for all its product range. Accredited quality assurances and guarantees back up our products and services.

The various products and services offered by Sanfield (India) Limited are:

  1. Bridge and Highways Expansion Joint System

  2. MAURER MSM Spherical Bearings (with Modified Low Friction Sliding Element), Anti Uplift Bearings & Elastomeric Bearings.

  3. Maurer Seismic Protection Systems (Lock-up Devices/Anti-Seismic Devices & Dampers) for use in Buildings & Bridges.

  4. Architectural Expansion Joint System for use in Buildings and other Applications.

  5. Sanfield POT/POT-cum-PTFE Bearings, with initial Technology Transfer from M/s Granor Rubber & Engineering Pty. Limited, Australia.

  6. ERICO Lenton Mechanical Rebar Splicing Systems (Bar Couplers) for use in Building and other infra projects.

  7. Prestressing and Post Tensioning Systems for Buildings & Bridges.

  1. Fabrication of Steel Girders (approved from Indian Railways / RDSO).

  2. Bridge Deck Waterproofing System.

  3. Gas Pressure Welding in association with DAIA Corporation, Japan.

SANFIELD (INDIA) LIMITED is the ISO-9001:2008 Certified company to have been approved by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways for all the types of EXPANSION JOINTS SYSTEM without any restrictions on their movement capabilities and POT/POT–cum-PTFE STRUCTURAL BEARINGS and ELASTOMERIC (NEOPRENE) BEARINGS. We have also been approved by Research Designs & Standards Organization (R.D.S.O.), Government of India, Ministry of Railways for Bridge Bearings and Expansion Joins. We have supplied Expansion Joints & POT and POT cum PTFE Bearings to Bridge Contractors all over India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai and Afghanistan.

Also, SANFIELD (INDIA) LIMITED with an integrated Design and Project Divisions undertakes Repair and Rehabilitation work of Bridges of any complex nature such as: Lifting of Bridge Superstructures, Realignment and Replacement of failed Bearings, Replacement of Failed Expansion Joints, Cementitious Injection Gunniting, Grouting of Cracks, Repairs of Leaching, Honeycombing, Spalling, Concrete Protection etc. The project division of Sanfield has already successfully executed repairs and rehabilitation works of unique natures on Bridges under many National Highways / State Highways.

MAURER AG is a global leader in the field of Structural Protection Systems, Anti-seismic Devices & Structural Monitoring Systems, and with their latest invention & developments in the field of Bridge support & protection system 'MSM Spherical Bearing'. These bearings have been designed, tested & certified to have longer durability, enhanced service & performance life under repetitive & extreme rotational & translational requirements when compared with the prevailing POT/and other Bearings as they have limitation in satisfying higher and repetition rotation & translation requirements common especially in case of Rail Bridges and soft Structures like Cable Stay & Suspension Bridges.