Earthquake Protection



More than 20 years ago MAURER started protecting constructions from seismic damage and has advanced development ever since. The business is getting more important every day: settlement is seismic-prone metropolitan areas is getting denser and buildings are rising higher and higher. Seismic control devices efficiently help to avoid damages on bridges, superstructures and, especially, sensitive installations such as tanks for liquefied gas storage, nuclear plant waste fuel. At the same time our devices minimise the negative effects of normal everyday strain. MAURER Seismic Control Devices – that means numerous technological and structural engineering in-house developments that effectively protect structural systems by means of isolation and/or dissipation in the interplay of forces and motions.

Sanfield back in India has to its credit the first ever application of shock transmission units in any indian bridge structure which dates back to the year 1999. Being the pioneer in the technology of structural protection devices and specially for seismic protection, we are constantly updating ourselves with the state of art technology and products to service our customers better.



Rigid connection devices provide for the horizontal fixation of structural systems. Alongside conventional structural bearings with locking MAURER also offers solutions for temporary fixation, so-called shock transmission units and break-off devices. In case of an earthquake these devices enable motion of the horizontal structural up-bearing.

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MAURER Shock Transmission Units are hydraulic safety devices that lock at strong impulses, such as earthquake shocks or sudden braking on bridge constructions, and therefore clamp the construction. However, they are designed to allow shifting without much resistance if slow movements occur as in everyday usage. MAURER Load Limiters are hydraulic-safety devices that limit the reaction force upward by velocity-based control of oil flow. By using such elements, construction damage caused by extreme shifting velocities can be efficiently avoided.

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MAURER Predetermined Break-Away Force restraints transmit normal horizontal forces from service and ultimate loads such as conventional structural bearings. Since mechanical features and breaking mechanisms are accurately composed with minimal tolerance, these safety devices break exactly at previously defined loads in case of an earthquake and thus protect the construction by subsequent isolation from the subsurface. MAURER Predetermined Break-Away Force Restraints are available, for example, as cleat structures and telescope devices.

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MAURER Isolators enable an effective separation of constructions from the subsurface. Serious damages due to earthquakes can therefore be avoided. MAURER Isolators are constructed to perfectly meet the following four basic requirements: carrying vertical loads, horizontal displacement capacity, horizontal recentring and effective energy dissipation.


MAURER Elastomeric Bearings are similar to conventional construction bearings and feature a good recentring capability at horizontal deviation. To meet specific requirements of customers and business partners, MAURER can provide elastomeric mixtures with either low (LDRB) or high (HDRB) damping.

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MAURER Lead Rubber Bearings are conventional elastomeric bearings that are combined with an integrated lead cylinder. While the main functions of usual elastomeric bearings are bearing and reset, the lead core enables efficient energy dissipation. MAURER Lead Rubber Bearings are mainly used in bridges and superstructures.

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MAURER Sliding Isolation Pendulum Bearings combine the outstanding features of spherical bearings with the recentring effect according to the pendulum principle. This effect is achieved by using a curved main sliding surface. When friction occurs on the sliding surface, energy is directly dissipated in the sliding isolation pendulum bearing. Using the sliding material MSM® – lubricated and unlubricated – customers can choose from a wide range of friction coefficients. MAURER Sliding Isolation Pendulum Bearings meet all requirements on sliding bearings during usage according to the standards.

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MAURER Sliding Bearings are structural bearings with particular dissipation properties. Using the sliding material MSM® – lubricated and unlubricated – customers can choose from a wide range of friction coefficients. MAURER Sliding Bearings meet all requirements for sliding bearings during usage according to the standards. The special MAURER Rocker Sliding Bearings are particularly suited as isolators in building construction.

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