Sanfield endeavours to provide a gamut of services to the infrastructure industry in the country by way of :


Sanfield offers a comprehensive service range regarding bridge construction/structural engineering to our customers and trade partners.


Sanfield believes in self execution policy to achieve the best results. We offer installation services for all our products. For example, our experts may do the necessary corresponding works for expansion joints (box-in-box) for you, such as concrete-, sealing- and asphalt works. Full service – one company.


Sanfield offers expert services & consultancy to ascertain the state of the structure and necessary repairs and rehabilitation measure that needs to be undertaken for its retrofit. In addition we also offer complete health monitoring solution and documentation of all our products for bridges and other heavy structures including their appurtenances like expansion joints, bearings, seismic devices etc.

This enables us to control, together with our customers, and adjust at any time the efficiency of the constructional components and devices installed. The best example of monitoring processes are MAURER Force-Sensing Bearings with which actual construction loads can be measured and bearings with inbuilt lifting capacity.


The customer support of Sanfield Structural Protection Systems aims at immediate answering customer requests and finding quick solutions. We especially appreciate intense consulting and comprehensive service offers. This includes on-site inspections and offering solutions to bridge designers for investigating and exploring optimization of their structure designing.


According to leading specifications the installment of the first bearing or expansion joint requires the supervision dusring installation by an expert of the manufacturer. Thus sanfield offers free of cost services towards supervision of installation for all its product range.


Each project is mastered by its design. Sanfield therefore emphasizes extensive hand to hand coordination between the bridge designer and bearing/joint supplier at an early stage of structure design to avoid hassels during construction stage.


In the field of research & development Sanfield with its parent company Maurer connects fundamental with applied research. We are aiming at releasing innovative products and continuously improve it.


Regularly inspections of our installed products prolongers their lifetime because damages can be pre-determined. The Sanfield Inspection Team specialized on this to identify possible restoration needs in time realize it in an economically responsible way.


Sanfield with an integrated Design and Project Divisions undertakes Repair and Rehabilitation work of Bridges of any complex nature such as: Lifting of Bridge Superstructures, Realignment and Replacement of failed Bearings, Replacement of Failed Expansion Joints, Fiber wrapping, Epoxy Injection Grouting of Cracks, Concrete Protection etc. The project division of Sanfield has already successfully executed repairs and rehabilitation works of unique natures on Bridges under many National Highways / State Highways.  Products in general have a long service life, even though most of it do hardest work every day. Amongst inspection our experts also support you with maintenance and repair works of Sanfield products. Our service includes corresponding works, modifications, upgradings and modernising with all necessary constructional accomplishments.


We have started CONTRACT DIVISION in the year 1997 as expansion to its present activities. Presently the company is executing 33 KV and 11 KV sub-station contracts and 33 KV and 11 KV Overhead lines, LT Lines for Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Boards and Indian Railways. The company has strengthened the Contract Division by appointing qualified and experienced Engineers. Read More...


The Sanfield team regularly offers in-house trainings and diverse workshops (product or installation trainings) either at the customer’s seat or directly on-site. The workshops are provided by qualified and experienced consultants.